British electronic artist, debut released in June 2014 with EP "Someting Or Nothing". With influences drawn from late 70s and 80s electronic music, fusing elements of that era with early 90s ambient and electro  to create a blend of music which is familiar but somehow sounds fresh today.


Andrew Ellison formed Eltronn in early 2014. Most recently as Eltronn he has worked with fellow electronic artist Blott. The debut album "Metal Sunscape" was releasedin November 2017 to rave reviews.

Latest News......

"No Snow In Winter" - The lead track from the "Dark Circuit" EP can now be viewed with this promo video below; 


No Snow In Winter PROMO

New Release!

The new EP "Dark Circuit" available via all Digital music platforms. An exlcusive 5 track version is availble from the Bandcamp store

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New single "Low" released worldwide  on 6th January 2019, featuring two tracks of new material from the forthcoming new album.

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New 2 track single taken from the album "Metal Sunscape", includes new version of the track.

Available Now!

The seminal electronic soundtrack album featuring the singles "Apply Pressure" and "Something Or Nothing".


Click on the video below to see the full video for the single "Apply Pressure"



"Apply Pressure" was the 2nd single released on the 31st July 2017, and featured on the "Metal Sunscape" album. The single features guest vocal from an excellent arist Kelii from Switzerland


The single is  availble through iTunes and Amazon and will be available elsewhere on day of release.

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